The First Promise

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.” Genesis 3:15 (ESV)

Christmas is a season filled with hope and promise.  It seems like no matter how difficult our current circumstances, there is something in us that thinks things might just get a little better this time of year.  When we see the neighbor’s lights flickering on the snow or we hear a familiar Christmas tune, we tend to just pause and look up from our troubles for just a moment.  Why is that?  It’s not the snow or the songs that bring us hope.  It’s the season.  It’s the hope and the promise woven through the fabric of this time of year.  It is this season that we celebrate the God who keeps His promise.

The Bible tells us that God created a perfect world.  In that perfect world, He placed two people named Adam and Eve.  They had everything they could possible want.  Despite that, they desired something else.  They wanted something more.  They wanted the one thing God told them they could not have.  And, at the urging of Satan, they disobeyed God and sinned.  In the process, they lost everything.  They lost an intimacy with God and they plunged the whole of creation into the chaos and the corruption of sin.  Because of their choices (and the ones we make as a result of them), we live as broken people in a broken world.

When God confronts them about their sin, He tells them of its lasting ramifications.  In the midst of explaining to them the impact of their choices, He gives a wonderful promise.  He tells them that someday a descendant of Eve will come along, and He will overcome the evil one who corrupted and ensnared His creation.  One will come and undo all the harm they have caused.  The fulfillment of that promise is Jesus.

As descendants of Adam and Eve, we have been plunged into the chaos and despair of sin.  We know its power.  We have experienced its sting firsthand.  Yet, we have hope because God kept that first Christmas promise.  A deliverer has come and has set us free from the power of sin and death.  Jesus has come to set things right.   He has bridged the gap between us and our loving creator.  That’s what we celebrate this time of year.  It’s not the songs or the presents.  We celebrate because God kept that first promise.  We rejoice in the hope we have in Jesus.

Further Reading:  Genesis 1-3